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Meeting with the Haitian Community in Australia.

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

It’s been an honor and pleasure to hold our very first official meeting in Melbourne with the Haitian community.

Thank you for coming with your family and showing your support and your love for your community, for your country , let’s strengthen the bonds between the community and work together for a brighter future between the 2 countries ( Haiti- Australia)

"Fanmi an Anpil" Ann Familyarize nou

Men Anpil Chay pa Lou - L'union fait la force

Few Haitians and their family members

Conversation with one of the most known in the Haitian community in Australia ( Myrtha Thompson and Her Husband Mark Thompson )

Haitian Family coming over from Geelong to support us. ( Wilson and his Family)

2 young Haitians ( Jean Paul and Liline )

Dance with DJ Princeloo and Inna

Chef Mariana ( special thank)

DJ Princeloo (Thank you)

Fabio Robles, the most Famous Dance Teacher in the Latin Community in Australia.

The Hon. Consul giving the speech of the day

We had supporter from everywhere, (Mark and Zak)

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