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The First "Haitian of the month"

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Mrs Myrtha left Haiti in 1962 and moved to America .

In  America she moved from place to place and live in Florida, New york, California and Hawaii.  

Mrs Myrtha met her Husband Mr Thompson in Hawaii and they both decided to migrate to Australia where they had a lovely son, Jason.

Jason is a handsome, smart, accomplished young man with a PHD in IT.

Even though Mrs Myrtha does not have much Family in Haiti, she keep the connection with her origin and practices her Creole and French regularly.

Mrs Thompson organized meetings for the Haitian Community, and whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne in Brisbane, Mrs Thompson always does her best to connect the Haitian people in Australia.

Mrs Myrtha has been in Australia for over 30 years. She has achieved a lot in these years while keeping her heart connected to Haiti.


Consulate of Haiti in Australia

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